Contacting software sites error when I try to update Knime or find an extension

Hi guys,

I face this error when trying to update Knime or find an extension:

It happened with version 4.3 and again with the 4.4.

Do you know the reason and how to fix it?



Can it be the content file is corrupted?

Hello @bermq,

remember you already had similar issues:

Have you ever managed to resolve them? Are you behind firewall? If so take a look here how to configure proxy in KNIME or download the complete update site as a ZIP file:



Hi Ivan!
Regarding the Tableau issue I have to review the proposed solution, but since it looks like time consuming and I have to involve my IT support I’m postponing it.
Regarding this issue, I also need the administrator right.
I’m opening a ticket for it and I will let you know.

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Hi Ivan,

I don’t think the mentioned FAQ can solve the issue (insert the proxy manually).

This is how my settings look like:

And this is how they should (it’s a screenshot from a colleague working in my same team):

He never had to maintain nothing and the setting “Dynamic” is there as default.

Why I don’t have the same setting?

Another question: I work in Bayer and we are Knime customers. Do we have a direct support contact?



Hi Roberto,

you can always reach out to our commercial support at
The dynamic proxy is probably available from Windows:

Kind regards


Hi Marvin,
In my case these are the settings:

is there any solution to this problem?

the URL are not found:

Is this realy a proxy problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi @AK2021 and welcome to the forum.

Take a look at this similar thread for a couple of possible solutions:


Hi @ScottF,
Thank you!
I simply remove the “s” from “https” and it works. :grinning:


Then there is likely a virus scanner software or similar involved that breaks the transport encryption which then leads to the error.

I have the same issue when trying to update KNIME or install new extensions. I have the “correct” settings. Changing https to http or turning off the antivirus didn’t work :frowning:

I can confirm the theory from @AK2021. Switching form HTTPS to HTTP resolves the issue. “Enterprise” Security breaking decryption. This has been bugging me and the Service Desk for month.

I’d like to propose adding this suggestion into the FAQ!


@PMaj welcome to the KNIME forum. Can you give us more context about your system and settings? Especially concerning proxy servers and virus scanners. Sometimes company proxy servers have to be manually activated once a day.


Ok. It’s entirely on me. I forgot to “Reload” after switching to http. After doing that all works fine