Contacting software sites error when I try to update Knime or find an extension

Hi guys,

I face this error when trying to update Knime or find an extension:

It happened with version 4.3 and again with the 4.4.

Do you know the reason and how to fix it?



Can it be the content file is corrupted?

Hello @bermq,

remember you already had similar issues:

Have you ever managed to resolve them? Are you behind firewall? If so take a look here how to configure proxy in KNIME or download the complete update site as a ZIP file:



Hi Ivan!
Regarding the Tableau issue I have to review the proposed solution, but since it looks like time consuming and I have to involve my IT support I’m postponing it.
Regarding this issue, I also need the administrator right.
I’m opening a ticket for it and I will let you know.

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Hi Ivan,

I don’t think the mentioned FAQ can solve the issue (insert the proxy manually).

This is how my settings look like:

And this is how they should (it’s a screenshot from a colleague working in my same team):

He never had to maintain nothing and the setting “Dynamic” is there as default.

Why I don’t have the same setting?

Another question: I work in Bayer and we are Knime customers. Do we have a direct support contact?



Hi Roberto,

you can always reach out to our commercial support at
The dynamic proxy is probably available from Windows:

Kind regards


Hi Marvin,
In my case these are the settings: