Continental Nodes - HELP! Cannot figure out how to use!

Why is it that this node is not working? I recently added in continental nodes and it seems I cannot get any of them to work. Can anyone help??

Hi @rparr009 You have to create a Control Table. This might get you going:

Continental.knwf (798.1 KB)

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@iperez just beat me to it. :slight_smile:

I can also suggest taking a look at several workflows on the KNIME Hub that highlight functionality of the Continental nodes, like this one:


:grin: Sorry @ScottF


@ScottF & @iperez Thanks that seemed to help! I was able to get border formatter to work however I am having trouble getting any of the other too work. Could you assist?

I am just confused by what it means saying applies to “tag” I have tried the column title but that doesn’t seem to be working. Could you guys please help?


The set of nodes is full of options. I’d suggest that you first check this page: Continental Nodes for KNIME — XLS Formatter Nodes | KNIME where you can find and explanation of how the nodes are build and work, after that check he workflow @ScottF suggested. And of course come back here later if you have problems

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