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Hi everyone. I’m trying to understand if there is any way to convert a knime workflow to an executable program. I would like to run a workflow that performs transformations on .csv files on a different workstation without needing to install Knime. Is there any way to achieve that?

The only information that I have found so far is this 2 year old discussion :

At the moment I’m launching knime commands with a python script and making it an executable, but it still needs Knime installed.

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@aledro883737 I do not think you can completely encapsualte KNIME in a single file or something. What you can do is use KNIME (and KNIME worflows) from within Python or Jupyter notebooks:


Thank you for your answer, but based on the examples I have seen it seems like I need KNIME installed in order to make the exe work (you must manually pass the knime.exe path). Even if I make an exe from a .py script, that would not work without an installation of Knime

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@aledro883737 yes you would need KNIME to be installed (that is sitting on the computer in a folder).

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as @mlauber71 mentioned, knime installation is just a a bunch of files in a folder. So when you want to ship a knime workflow, you just have to ship this folder and write a python script or an bash-script (linux) or power shell script (windows) to start knime with the relativ path to the workflow and the parameters.
Of course you could also pack this all up to an installer that copies the files to a specific location if you have a software distribution scenario.

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