Convert Metanode to Component fails


while working on providing support for:

I tried converting a Metanode to a Component which failed with:

ERROR ConvertMetaNodeToSubNodeCommand            Converting Metanode failed: Cannot remove connection!
ERROR Dictionary Tagger    6:46:24    Execute failed: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot iterate over table: buffer has been cleared.

Here is the test workflow:

In order to replicate the issue, you need to execute it first resulting in the Metanode in question, containing the Document Viewer node, to be in idle state (not quite certain why that is happening in the first place).

When converting first or fully executing the Metanode, the conversion to a component works.

Also, you need to download the data in order to execute it:

MPQA-OpinionCorpus-NegativeList.csv (59.3 KB)
MPQA-OpinionCorpus-PositiveList.csv (32.8 KB)


Hi @mwiegand ,

After you mentioned it, I realized that this issue is related to ‘Java Heap Space’. Even if I solve this problem, I’m still facing the ‘undefined’ issue. I’m not sure if I have unnecessary nodes or if I’ve placed the nodes in the wrong location. Frankly, I don’t understand.

After making the last few corrections, I’ll upload the workflow again:
final2.knwf (59.6 KB)

I’ve also included the workflow I’ve taken as an example:
26_Sentiment_Analysis_Lexicon_Based_Approach.knwf (1.2 MB)