Copy & Rename a file in same directory

Hello all,

I am trying to find the latest file in directory, copy it, rename it by adding latest date to the beginning and past it in same directory. I have gotten as far as finding the latest file in the directory but can’t get it to past with the new name. BTW this has to work on SMB so I can run it on KNIME Server (that part is a big challenge). See below to see what I have so far.

I have tried copy and paste, transfer node and a few others and always run into an error.

Hi @languy22

Can you please elaborate on the errors that you got?

@languy22 you could try this example

lots of different ones, I don’t remember off the top of my head. I was wondering using the information that I have provided, would there be a path forward to get the file to copy and paste?

I just tried this and it gives me this error.

ERROR Transfer Files 0:75 Execute failed: STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED (0xc00000bb): IOCTL failed for SMB2FileId{persistentHandle=63 5f 92 8a cf 19 b9 47}


You could try and tell the node to ignore error messages. Also you might want to check which SMB version your connector uses and switch to a newer version (3). Also check that you have the latest version of the node:

Also you could try and copy the file to a new position with a new name and delete the old one later.

If everything fails you might want to provide us with a logfile in debug mode:

Thanks for the suggestion. Our KNIME is controlled by our IT at work and we can’t upgrade past what they allow so I am stuck at the version I have.

I did notice running it the way it currently is set up, that a new file does get created in the destination folder with the correct name but it is 0kb in size. I will try tomorrow to tell it to ignore errors and see what it does.

@languy22 you might try and create the file locally in a temp folder and then load it to the shared volume. It is possible that SMB does not like being used as just a normal file system.

About three version. It might be possible to change the driver even if the whole thing is being run by IT or you might talk to them. For starters you could check which version it is.

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