could it possible to update knime from command line?

Hi, knimer, :grinning:

I want to know could it possible to update knime from command line?
I searched forum, found this. But it seems it didn’t solve from command line.

When I run workflow from linux cmd, it says,

ERROR main BatchExecutor Unsupported workflow version: Unable to load workflow, it was created with a future version of KNIME (4.2.1.v202009020915). You are running 4.2.1.v202008251157.

I also know it could possible use KNIME (4.2.1.v202009020915) export the workflow, and import to linux knime version (4.2.1.v202008251157)

I try to use this to update

./knime -nosplash -consoleLog -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director
-d /home/user1/knime
-profile KNIMEProfile

but knime say Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.

Can I update knime from command line(don’t use some other way to do it)


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We’re experiencing the very same problem. Even when reinstalling a brand new KNIME version, the error persists and I cannot run workflows created by the supposedly latest version with KNIME on one machine with the supposedly latest version on a different machine when running via the command line. Bummer!


That is because of a hotfix release which is not part of the built.

You need to update to get this and have the same version

Thanks, Iris,
And I want to know if it possible update the hotfix release from the command line :rofl:


Good catch :slight_smile:

That is a bug we currently have in the nightly. You need to remove the -profile parameter and also remove the parameter in the knime.ini if you have it.

That is fixed for 4.2.2 already which will be released next week.

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