CSV Reader error Unable to create part

I´m trying to read a file with CSV Reader, but the eclipse.ui plug-in is generating an error: “Editor initialization failed: org.kanime-workbench.editor.WorkflowEditor.Site is incorrect”. I thought it was a proxy issue, but when I use other connectors (e.g. Excel Reader) it works without any issue.

Hi @dpulido and welcome to the forum.

Where is the CSV Reader located, on your local machine or on a network or cloud resource? Do you have this problem with different CSV files, or just this single one?

Hi Scott, the file is in a network drive folder, in another workflow I have an Excel in the same folder, and there is no issue.
The CSV reader even shows the file content in the preview

Hrm. Is the data confidential? Would you be able to provide a sample workflow that reproduces the problem, so someone on our end could take a more detailed look?

Here is with an example of another file (the error is the same), so you can preview the file content when I select it from the network folder, but then when I execute it, this is the error generated.

The same proxy configuration is working without any issue in others workflows.

Hi @dpulido -

I think I might have misunderstood your original post. Just to clarify, the error you see is just in the Eclipse UI log only - it’s not preventing you from executing the node and getting results at the output port. Is that correct?

If so, you can safely ignore the error (and for peace of mind, close the error log view :sweat_smile: )

Here’s a thread with a similar discussion. Long story short - the “error” sounds much worse than it actually is.

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