CSV Writer problems

Hi friends
I applied the CSV writer node in my workflow and would like to use the file resulted in other BI.
I´m having two main problems:

1- The date column is classified by Knime as Local Date Time but the BI can´t read as a Date type the CSV resulted

2- The value column is classified by Knime as Number Double and in my case I need to consider decimal separator as “,” (Brazil). The BI can´t read the value column resulted correct and when I change the settings at CSV Writer node to consider the decimal separator as “,” I got the error message: The data separator contains (or is equal to) the decimal separator.

How can I have as result a column with numbers and a decimal separator as “,”?

I really need a hand here.


  1. Convert the date to strings.

  2. Convert the double floating point numbers to strings and then use the string manipulation node to swap out the decimal separator.

CSV files have no datatypes, so there’s no reason to preserve them on export. Whatever BI software you use will interpret the data appropriately.


Many thanks but I also found something weird.

In Knime, I used Rule Engine to create a collumn with “YTD” or “ORÇADO”. Its easy to check that the node worked well counting values as I show in the image bellow.
But in my BI, the column is showing a lot of numbers by row despite a few of them was correct. I can´t figure out what is going on here.
Any tip?


Could you create a:

That would demonstrate the problem you have. Question is how the CSV does look like after it left KNIME and what your BI does with it. My question would be if your BI tool could handle formats that would preserve the column type like parquet That could make the data transfer much easier. If you tell us which BI tool you use it could be possible to check if this is possible.


Thanks for all your efforts.
The problem was fixed using your support.

Step 1:Convert the double number collumn to string into Knime
Step 2: Upload this crazy file into BI
Step 3: Substitute “.” to “,” into BI
Step 4: Change column to Value into BI

Many thanks again…it was freaking me out!
All the best


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