CSV Writer


Has anything changed with the CSV Writer node? Since upgrading to 2.6, I get the following message: "WARN  CSV Writer Input table must only contain String, Int, or Doubles" This is true even if I pass the output through the number to string node first. Am I missing something?



The last change to this node was in early 2011 so there were not changed for 2.6. Are you sure that your table only contains strings and numbers?

A bit late to the party but I just experienced the same issue after transposing a table causing a column to have a mixture of cell types. I ran a number to string before doing to transpose and this fixed my issue. 


Do you have a column which is a mixture of types?

Hello everybody I think this issue is because a column have a set of values or list, union or whatever…
I m facing the same problem now with more than 10 columns.
Ist there a smart solution for this issue ?