Customizing default date format in KNIME?

Can we customize the default date format in KNIME? like changing it to dd-MM-yy to directly transform data into date at the moment of import?
It will minimize the amount of nodes required in every other workflow and make things just a bit more convenient in this beautiful piece of software!

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I do not think so. You can change the rendering as far as I can remember. What is your use case for that?

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I append CSV or excel files in a folder in multiple instances, and all the data that I get are in dd-MM-yy format. And since they are multiple files, simply adding a node is better than touching the original data. If there was a way to customize the default date format, then the extra node wouldn’t be needed either.

Hi guys,

Just a little tip here…

Knime have preferred Renderes settings about data types.

File > Preferences > Knime > Preferred Renderes

Try to see it too.

Tks, Denis

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