Dark Theme : Preferences Resetting

When I change the theme of the Knime Analytics Platform to dark it prompts me to restart the program to apply changes. When I restart, however, it forgets my settings and goes right back to light theme.

I found earlier posts about this for earlier knime versions KNIME 4.4 Preferences Resetting and KNIME Dark Mode not working but both of the topics are closed, and this is still an issue in 4.6.3.

I understand that this is not a priority bug fix for the knime team, but are there any hacks / workarounds that could work? My eyes hurt.

I found a hack that seems to be working :

  1. I located the directory where knime stores the default theme plugins plugins/org.eclipse.ui.themes_1.2.1300.v20210108-1832 (version number may vary)
  2. I downloaded the moonrise_0.8.9.jar from GitHub - guari/eclipse-ui-theme: Dark UI Theme for Eclipse 4+.
  3. I extracted the contents of the jar file (7zip / WinRar can do this)
  4. I deleted the contents of the org.eclipse.ui.themes directory, and replaced it with the extracted contents of the jar file.
  5. I launched Knime, and changed the theme to MoonRise (standalone) in File/Preferences/General/Appearance

This time the changes stuck, even after restarting. This is obviously a hack, but it beats eye strain :slight_smile:


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