KNIME 4.4 Preferences Resetting

Hi All,

I yesterday downloaded Knime Analytics Platform 4.4 and seem to be having issues with my preferences not being saved. I am trying to install extentions from a downloaded zip. It wasn’t letting me install multiple extensions, so I am doing one at a time, but after resetting, the online software sites are selected and I need to go through the whole process of deselecting those sites before installing another extension.

I also noticed when I switch the theme to dark, and reset KNIME, the theme reverts back to normal.

Are there bugs in 4.4 that reset the preferences? Or is this specific to these couple of preferences. It could get very annoying going through this process three or four times when I go through this installation process with my other colleagues.

Hello @celnurien,

above two mentioned issues are preferences specific and will add +1 on corresponding tickets. Additionally check this topic regarding update sites.However I’m interested in your issue when trying to install multiple extensions from zip file. Do you get any error message or what happens?


Ivan, could you please add another 1 for me. I had same in version 4.2 and currently got related issue. Please see topic below.

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Done @izaychik63.


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