Dashboard e data visualization in "real time"

Just a question to the expert of KNIME platform.
Is it possible with KNIME to perform DB data extraction, manipulation and visualization (i.e. dashboards or graphs) in real time? In other words is it possible to generate a continuous updating of the data elaboration as the DB is updated? Basically I’m thinking to industrial process analysis which could be necessary in near-real time taking the data from the automation-DBs.

Many thanks for any information and clarification.

Hey Guglielmo,

This is a very interesting use case. I don’t think this is currently possible in KNIME. We recently introduced the Refresh Button Widget (Refresh Button Widget – KNIME Hub), which you could use to manually update the data app. An auto update for the Refresh Button Widget is currently not possible but might be something that will come in the future.
Can you elaborate a bit on your use case? How often does a database update occur?



data is storaged in the automation DB very often, data sampling by PLC can occurr with frequencies of seconds or less, If processes change very slowly sampling can be reduced on scale of several seconds to minutes. Anyway consider that usually we don’t work directly on automation DB but on plant DB, data transfer from Automation DB to plant DB tipically occurr on scale of minutes.


Thank you for the explanation. I guess it would be sufficient to update the graphs once the data is transferred from the automation DB to the plant DB?
I have added a feature request and will update this thread once I have news on this.



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