data base list schema

I cannot connect the Node Microsoft SQL server connector to the Node Database list schemas and none of the other similar nodes, like: Database list foreign keys.
i have installed the vernalis estension before.

many thanks for any help.
(sorry for the bad english).

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Dear Claudio,

Sorry for the issue. The Vernalis database nodes currently only support the legacy database nodes in KNIME (our main KNIME node developer, Steve Roughley, should be able to comment on future plans when he is back from vacation).

The workaround is to use the legacy version of the Microsoft SQL Server Connector:


Kind regards



Hi Claudio,

Sorry for the delay. I am now back from vacation. As we have had a number of similar requests recently, I will look into how far I got with the migration of these nodes and update within a day or two.



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A short update - I have formal release permission for a ‘DB’ version of all our existing database nodes. I’m hoping to get the nodes release by the end of this week, certainly by the end of next week.



The ‘DB’ version of our database nodes have now been released as v1.36.0. See

for details.


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