Data Type Conversion Solution in KNIME workflow

Hi KNIME Developer

For the data type conversion for any type of file which solution is already available .

(Hint: create node using Sql script into graphical interface and also can generate graphical interface to sql script as Alteryx developed)

Instead of fixing your KNIME node for many years, You can simply look at the Alteryx node (select node) how they developed as solution is already out there.


I am using alteryx to convert any kind of data type conversion and it works well for database or any file etc

and it is very easy to change data type with table column in configuration window.

I suggest you to look at altryx product  as reference how they can develop/configure it.


Please have a look at the screenshot  as reference how alteryx developed well and KNIME can develop something similar

with Alteryx configuration then many people will use KNIME products.


Hope it will help to improve KNIME product


with the new release of our Database integration we will publish a lot more flexible DataType conversion.
You might also want to look into the Column Auto Type cast node, which can auto guess the types for you.
Best, Iris

Hi @ibi2030

I also come from using alteryx, hope this can help you and/or you can help update this tool mapping sheet: