Database Looping no longer working

I cannot get the database looping (legacy) node to work in an old workflow of mine since the latest update. I’m using the database connector (legacy) node to connect to a database via netezza driver, but when running the database looping node, I get an error of a duplicate row ID “row 0” when this is not the case. Any ideas? I am also still using the legacy nodes because I could not personally get the newer ones to connect to my database at all. Thank you.

Hello @zhuma,

do you remember what was the issue with connection when using new (current) database framework? I suggest to give it another try and then use following Component:



Hi Ivan. I have the netezza driver installed under Preferences > KNIME. In the old Database Connector node, I just selected the driver as org.netezza.Driver and entered in the database URL and username and password. This still connects. In the new DB Connector node, I have the database type set to default, database dialect as SQL-92 (the only option which appears), driver name (the one I have set as Netezza), and the database URL and username and password. I am getting the following error:

ERROR DB Connector 3:380 Execute failed: DB Session a1b09451-3def-46da-9a1c-911209ed0e87 is invalid. Receiver class org.netezza.sql.NzConnection does not define or inherit an implementation of the resolved method ‘abstract boolean isValid(int)’ of interface java.sql.Connection.

Hi @zhuma,

which version of KNIME are you using? You might have to specify the database driver in another place under preferences for the new DB nodes.


Kind regards

Hi Marvin. I am using KNIME 4.4.1 and I have specified it under Preferences > KNIME > Databases. Thank you.

Hi @zhuma, Could this be similar to the issue outlined here on a different jdbc driver?

Basically it tries to call isValid which isn’t supported by the driver, so you need to supply a validation query in the config instead. Might not be, but looks very similar to me.

I came across this same issue recently when assisting with SQL Server too… buried in here… KNIME to SQL Server - #10 by takbb

I don’t recall if it has to return zero, or just a value but obviously the query has to be syntactically correct for your database.


This worked amazingly! Thank you so much!


Thank you for this! After Brian’s solution, I was able to use this perfectly!


Hello @zhuma,

glad to see connection issue with “new” database framework is solved and workflow running again :slight_smile:



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