DatabaseDriverLoader : "WORKFLOW NAME" : 0 : Could not load JDBC ODBC driver class 'sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver'. Class has been removed in Java 8.

I am getting the error below running a workflow (through batch file) that used to run fine before.
No Change was made to the workflow since the last successful run:

DatabaseDriverLoader : : 0 : Could not load JDBC ODBC driver class ‘sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver’. Class has been removed in Java 8.

P.S. It runs fine through the GUI, but fails in the batch file run

please see the following thread for information.

Hi Tobias,

The workflow runs fine in the GUI, but fails to run in the batch file.

Do you use the same version for GUI and batch execution? Which database do you connect to? What driver do you use to connect to it and do you use the same connection settings or even the same workflow in GUI and batch execution?

I was using the same version in both GUI and Batch.
The issue was resolved by adding a parameter to the batch script specifying the preference file:

hi tobias,
do we have to set up jdbc ( or odbc) on server if the workflow is scheduled to run on the server ? I would think so right ? my existing workflow with oracle and teradata drivers using jar runs fine on local machine but complains about the drivers / database ( obvious).

Is there a way to push even the jar files to the server specific to the workflow ?
how do we set them up on server ?

Hi @gbprakash and welcome the the forum.

I think this video will be helpful to you:

I saw you posted something similar in the KNIME Server forum, so I will reply there as well. But generally there is no need to post your issue twice in different threads - someone will definitely see it. Since this is a 3 year old thread, I will go ahead and close it.