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Hello, I have a date time column that looks like this: “05.Jun.2020 10:58:35.893”. I want to filter my data to only return the lines that were in the previous 24 hour period. So If today is June 10th, I want only the lines from June 9th or 09.Jun.2020 00:00:00.000 to 09.Jun.2020 23:59:59.999.

I’ve tried to use a few different DateTime nodes (like Date&Time Difference) and I get this error when I try to configure:

The dialog cannot be opened for the following reason: No column in spec compatible to “LocalDateValue” “LocalTimeValue” “LocalDateTimeValue” or “ZoneDateTimeValue”

Can someone please point me to correct way to handle this?

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First you have to use “String to Date&Time” node (the date format is dd.MMM.yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS ) and then the “Extract date&Time Fields” where you can extract month, day, hour,…

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Thank you for your reply but here’s the new problem I’m seeing, when I try to do the “String to Date&Time” it doesn’t recognize the column (“TicketCloseTime” )I’m trying to convert as text . See below.

At the same time, when I try to use the “Modify Time” node, or any other node to modify a date/time column, it doesn’t recognize it as a Date/Time column. See below, It doesn’t show any Date/Time field available to edit…??? Help! What am I missing here?

The node is named “String to Date & Time” because it takes a column of data type String and creates cells in a colum of data type something-involving-date-and-or-time.

This is why the usable columns listed in that screen shot all have a S in a white box prefixing them, and the reason why your TicketCloseTime is not usable.

It sounds like you want a node that does the opposite conversion? If so:

The icon near the “TicketCloseTime” is a calendar with a clock that means taht is alredy recognized as Date&Time format .This is the reason why “String to Date&Time” it doesn’t recognize it.

You can already use “Extract date&Time Fields” to extract the field you want.

Thank you everyone for your replies. Here’s the conundrum- the “TicketCloseTime” looks like a date and time column but when I try any node that manipulates date/time including the “Extract date&Time Fields” as suggested by @andrejz I get this error below when I try to open the “Configure”:

Can anyone figure out what’s happening?

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Perhaps it’s a legacy date & time - try converting it prior to the extract node?

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Look at this simple example and compare your settings Date_Time.knwf (8.6 KB)

Can you upload your workflow with some data?

May be you need something like this Date_Time.knwf (24.1 KB)

Hi there @MJRIOUX,

as @quaeler pointed out you have a legacy Date&Time format. Convert it to new Date&Time format and you’ll be able to use above mentioned nodes as expected.

Additionally take a look at this blog post:

How did you end up with legacy format?


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Thank you @quaeler ! that worked perfectly. Now I have to figure out the best node to be able to filter to now minus one day. In other words I need to filter to just yesterday’s date. Any suggestions?


Thank you, it was a legacy date issue. now solved.



See this topic:


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Thank you everyone! I figured it out! I used the “Date&Time-based Row Filter” and it works perfectly.

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