DB Query Node execution fails with error

I have connected to my database using hive connector. I am using DB Query node to fetch sample 100 observations and I get error. I tried similar approach that was explained here but this also results in same error Error while compiling statement: Failed: ParseException line extraneous input '100' expecting ).
Below is a snippet of my query and also when I ran hive connector node I got a warning couldn't fetch sql keywords from database not sure if this is somehow related to it.


Could you provide us with the Log file and maybe some more information about the query in the DB Table Selector (if there is a custom query).

One idea could be to “qualify” the #table# placeholder as #table# t1 LIMIT 100. Then you could try and CAST the string from NULL instead of "". It might be possible that there is a problem with these.


Then the question would be what the purpose of these empty columns is

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