DB Query Reader "Where... " doesn´t work (2) Multiple Ruled Based Filter filter by datefilter by date doesn´t work

Hi too all,

i have two questions.

DB Query Reader

The “WHERE” SQL STATEMENT doesn´t work.

SELECT “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegart], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegnr], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegdatum], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[lieferdatum], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[arf_1_summe], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[arf_2_summe]
FROM “hs”.“vk_beleg”
// WHERE ((“hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegart]=“AB”) Or (“hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegart])=“RE”);

=> Execute failed: [SAP][JDBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Spalte ‘AB’ nicht gefunden
The Column “AB” didn´t found!

For example my DB QUERY READER SQL Statement from a ACCESS db worked:
WHERE (([belegart]=“Ab” Or (hs_vk_beleg.[belegart])=“RE”) AND ([belegdatum]>=#1/14/2021#));


How can I select by date "$belegdatum$ ?

This example might be able to help

Just a guess: the where statement seems not to be active and just be a comment. KNIME does check for columns and consistency also within comments and from the kind of syntax in the examples with the quotation marks I think “AB” could sometimes represent a column name.

I would delete the comment or put it somewhere else and see if this could help.

For KNIME it might be an idea not to check the comments of SQL code.

Another option could be to deactivate retrieve in configuration for the SAP? driver. Although not sure if this is possible or might have other unintended consequences.

Hi mlauber71,

Access use a diffrent Syntax as KNIME.

I changed from “Ab” to the syntax ‘AB’ : WORKED :+1: :v:

SELECT “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegart], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegnr], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegdatum], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[lieferdatum], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[arf_1_summe], “hs”.“vk_beleg”.[arf_2_summe]
FROM “hs”.“vk_beleg”
WHERE ((“hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegart]=‘AB’) Or (“hs”.“vk_beleg”.[belegart])=‘RE’);

Thank you




what does the Create Date & Time Range exactly?

2021-01-23 16_50_33-KNIME Analytics Platform

There is now connection from DB QUERY READER to the Variable Ports of the Rule Based Row Splitter allowed.


Hello mlauber71,

i found this Node DateTimeBasedRowFilter

Settings für Date&Time-based Row Filter-Node-23-01-2021

Worked :+1:

thank you for the support.



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