DB row Filter with String Widget (doubt)

Hi @takbb

About this case:

Could you help me?
How did you change the parameter of your component to overwrite dialog?

It’s because I can’t find any configuration in the “flow variables” config (print below)

And, why I want to know?
Because I want to change from “string configuration” to “string widget” to
allow the user to select via the component and filter in the DB.
My case is the same as explained in the forum, in which I need to make a query with several options to use in the IN clause, but when I copy all the values to replicate to “string widget” I can’t find the configuration via overwrite.

Hi @Felipereis50 , I don’t think the message is because of any changing/setting of parameters. That message I believe is a warning from KNIME that because this is one of the config parameters for a component, the “Default Value” that is displayed on this dialog will be ignored, because it will be set to be according the the component configuration


i.e. it is saying the the value won’t be “StringArrayFlowVar” as shown on the dialog that you showed, but instead will be set the value “user_choices” which is the text that has been entered in the component configuration.

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I see…

You’re right.

I changed to string widget and worked.

Thanks Brian

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