DB Writer Does Not Finish Executing MSQL Server

DB Writer Does not work

I am trying to load a table to Microsoft SQL Server, but DB Writer node never finishes executing. A coworker sent me a workflow he is using and that matched my parameters, so I have no idea what could be wrong.

My workflow is just this:

Is there something wrong in the settings?

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  • “CB.” you have a dot at the end of your schema. Is this right? Would not use that.
  • Then you tell the node to delete the existing table. Is this what you want?
  • You could disable the option to write a status column
  • at least one columns has a “#” maybe try to avoid that

How large is this data and have you tried to just load a few lines?

Another approach might be to first create an empty table with the structure, see if that does work and then add data later ([L4-BD] exercise 1 odyssey - #2 by mlauber71).


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