Dealing with Datatypes

i have a work flow with data that has nominal value with a “?”. I need to use the math formulae for calculations but i cannot due to datatype issue. My question is how do i convert to an integer. I have tried changing datatypes with the column rename but only a stringvalue is available, also the sting to numbe node does not work. any suggestions?

The String to Number node is the right choice, but all cells that cannot be converted will be turned into a missing value:

Maybe you can show us what you’re doing? If you explain a bit more what it is that you’re trying to achieve, we might even find a different approach to your problem.

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This is an instance of my data. I need to convert the colums to integers in order to use the math formulae. Using the column rename does not give me an integer option. Also, I need to convert the rows with “?” to a 0 i order to have correct calculations. Thank you

Simply use a Missing Value node afterwards, set to replace missing values with a 0.

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