Debug (single-step) through loop?

Is there any sort of “debugger” or “single-step” functionality in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0.2?

I have a relatively simple workflow controlled by “Counting Loop Start” and “Loop End” nodes (with some API/JSON get requests and output to SQL Server inside the loop).

My workflow used to work (with version 3) - sort-of - but now with version 4, it is quite buggy. I’ve just about given-up on KNIME for this, but maybe I’m missing something, and there is some sort of “debugger” or “single-step” functionality in KNIME?

Basically, I’d like to place a breakpoint on the “Loop End” node, and iterate through the loop one iteration at a time.

HI there @bassman,

Looking for Step Loop Execution option? It is available on Loop End nodes.


Node Monitor feature can speed up debugging so check this topic. Also there is Breakpoint node that can help in a loop.

Don’t give up just yet and if any questions feel free to ask :wink:



Wow, awesome response!

Oddly enough, the workflow seems to be working right now. I think the API provider may have been down previously.

Still, this information is awesome. Thanks!!!

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Use it next time API is down :smiley:

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