Defining keys in modern UI (e.g. for first output port view)

It’s great that there is now the possibility to open the Ouput Port Views in separate windows in the modern UI!
In this context, my feature request would be that it is also possible to define keys for the modern UI. In the classic UI, for example, I had configured it in the settings so that I could open the first out port view with F4. It would be great if this were also possible in the modern UI.

Totally agree with you @Christian_Essen !

In classic UI, I always have ctrl+enter configured for “open first viewport” and it is so much more efficient for me to view the popup table that way. Plus of course it has become second nature to me.

I too hope that configurable key bindings will return but i recognise they were probably a feature of the eclipse framework used for classic and possibly more tricky to implement.

Even if it’s no longer configurable though, to have a dedicated key for doing it would be better than no shortcut key at all and I would soon get used to the chosen keypress.

This gets my vote :slightly_smiling_face:

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