Dictionary Filter, Combination of two words

im trying to filter out combinations of two words, using a dictionary which has two word combinations.
Sadly the dictionary filter doesnt filter them from the Table. Is there a way to fix this or should i use a different node?

It is hard to guess at the issue from this info. Can you share a workflow example with some dummy data in it? Or at least a sample table / search words / expected output.


Hello @Jowawa
It seems that you are stuck in the same topic . For this request I can suggest the same workflow I did before. You can have a look to this post:

There is a display of the output (logical index matrix by columns); from there and just using a ‘Rule Engine’ you can configure the combination of any words in your dictionary.

Based in the above example a valid Rule Engine query -connected to Logical Indexing Matrix (shaded node)- would be:

$fruit$ LIKE "True" AND $papaya$ LIKE "True" => TRUE

By the way, I added the words flower and fruit to the wildcard dictionary in wf. Proceeding in this way you would be able to filter any combination of words in from the Rule Engine’s $prediction$ column.

For further support and as suggested from @iCFO , providing some dummy data that represents your use case, we can help you to config a valid solution.


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