Divide start stop events


I have a table in excel where I have a datetime column with the registration of a single event and a column that tells me the type of event that can be “started” or “finished”.
I would like to extrapolate from the table the rows in which the event begins and when it ends in order to calculate all the time intervals.
For the calculation I can take care of it, but how can I divide the table for those specific datetime?

@pollyste welcome to the KNIME forum. You could try and identify and mark the blocks with numbers and then use a Group By node to identify the Minimum and Maximum.

Yes I know,
but it’s possible with a knime nodes?
I used window function in mysql to obtain it.
Here how i could make?

@pollyste the examples use KNIME nodes. Maybe you give them a try.

It would be helpful if for you to post some example data, if you are able, along with what your desired output would look like.

I solved,
separated the values with Row Filter, added the Add Auto Increment node,
joined with Concatenate, reordered in increasing order with Sorter, added Add Auto Increment again with a new column, created a third column with the difference of the first two auto increment with Math Function and the difference represents the group to which I apply minimum and maximum


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