Does Knime have interface tools?

I was wondering if Knime has any interface tools to make a simple app locally for my computer.
I work with many big monthly reports, and I have several workflows that I attach/input excels to and get a needed output. The input files normally don’t change, so I don’t want to open the detailed workflow every time.
In the past I have used Alteryx Designer, and it had interface tools which would allow me to build a simple app/window (without opening the innards of the workflow) which would let me select files from my system as inputs, and letting me click the Run button, after which it would save the output.

@ieva06 KNIME does have Data Apps and several functions within them. At the end of this article you will find several links (and have the article itself):

This is how such a dashboard might look like:

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Thank you for the reply! I don’t need the visualisation/charts/images though, just a simple window where I attach the input files and click Run. This app would run the full workflow in the background without opening the detailed workflow itself.

@ieva06 you can call a KNIME workflow from an existing one:

If you want to could wrap that in a Data App or just start the sub-workflow.

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