Download HTML BIRT Report

On May 21, @jorgemartcaam posted a question on the subject topic (Download HTML BIRT Report). No answer was given then. I’m having the same need, any suggestions?

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Hi @iperez -

Have you tried what Ivan suggested in that thread - basically taking the Simple Reporting Example workflow and generating HTML based on that? I just did it myself and it seemed to work OK (AP 4.5.1, Windows 10).

What KNIME version and operating system are you using?

Hi @ScottF. Thanks for answering. I tried saving the Simple Reporting Example but the image gets unlinked. I’m using Windows 11 and AP 4.5.1:

Tried again (W10, Knime 4.5.1), same result.

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Thanks for the update. Is there by chance anything interesting in the logs?

I’ll ask internally to see if anyone else has run into this problem and can reproduce it.

In the generated HTML, what does the image source reference look like? In my case, it shows up like this:

type="image/svg+xml" src="default_report_files/preview.svg"

This is what I get: type=“image/svg+xml” src="/viewer/preview?__sessionId=20220210_112022_422&__imageid=custome0986ed17ee46cf0c74.svg"

So just to clarify, you are selecting Run → View Report → As HTML, which opens the report in your browser. The HTML you posted above is from what you see in your browser, and the images can’t be found.

Does anything change if you save the report locally from your browser? This is what I did above, although I didn’t explicitly point that out. You’ll notice that my URL is a bit simpler, since it’s referencing a file saved to disk instead of a file generated from the temporary BIRT server.

And also, does anything show up in the console/logs for you?

Yes, what I do is Run-> View Report-> As HTML, it opens my browser I right click on the document and save it. Is there antoher way to save it locally?

No particular messages on the log/console

Hi @iperez -

I guess you are still having problems here. So far we haven’t been able to reproduce it on our end.

Is it possible that directory permissions on your system are set in such a way that the generated SVG files can’t be read?

Also, if you generate the report to another type of output - PDF or Powerpoint for example - are the images still broken?

Hi @ScottF. Thanks for your interest. When I generate the report on PDF or Power Point and then save it, there is no problem. The only issue is when saving it as HTML. I’ve tried running KNIME as admin(I use Windows 11) with no success. No particular security configuration on my directories.

The only thing I notice is that my HTML gives this:
type=“image/svg+xml” src="/viewer/preview?__sessionId=20220222_121934_878&__imageid=custom331bd9f217f22720c511.svg"

Yours doesn’t have any session info attached.

Hi @iperez -

My HTML looks roughly similar to yours if I look at it via my web browser. Once I save it a local file it takes the form I posted above.

Still not having a lot of luck determining the problem, but I did have an idea that maybe you can test: is it possible that Windows Defender is somehow interfering here? I’m not sure what might have changed with it in Windows 11, but can you disable it and try regenerating the BIRT HTML?

Hi @ScottF Sorry for the delay in answering. Tried your suggestion with no success. Thanks for your interest.