Drop Down Menu in each Cell for one Column

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to KNIME but love it already.
At the moment I stuck a bit finding a solution how to implement a Drop Down Menu in each cell in a specific column. I know a solution by writing a Macro but the goal is that other colleagues can use this KNIME program.

The Drop Down Menu should show specific Options which each User can select manually afterwards.

I’ve already tried to find a solution by using “Value Selection” using as an input a table with the options. But I don’t know how to fit this into the existing table in the right column.

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Hi there @joerling_m,

glad you already like KNIME and welcome to Community!

You would like a drop down menu for every cell in specific column? Sounds like this topic:

Or were you thinking of developing your own node with this possibility cause you placed question under KNIME Development category?


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Hi Ivan,

thanks for the link. Its’s exactly what I needed.
But if I try it out, I still can’t have any Dropdown Menu in the cell.
Maybe it would Help if you can provide an example on the other discussion.


Hi there @joerling_m,

if I remember well my idea from linked topic should only work only on WebPortal and not in KNIME Analytics Platform. Do you have KNIME Server? Still it won’t create drop-down menu in a cell but rather as a separate filed in which you choose a value that will be populated in a new column.


Lets keep discussion in this topic.


See drop-down list in a cell of a table

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