Dropdown 'suggestions' in Table Editor do not allow allow other values

I love that the Table Editor now allows drop-downs within cells, but it’s a pity that the drop-downs do not allow for any values besides those already in the domain. It would be nice if the user could choose to enter an arbitrary value in addition to the drop-down options. This is especially true given that the dropdown options are limited by the existing column domain (meaning that you offer pre-set for values that aren’t in the table).

As it stands, the drop-downs are not ‘suggestions’ at all (as they are described in the node documentation), but rather are strictly enforced options. Is there any chance that the Table Editor will be made even more flexible in the future?


I don’t know what the Devs have planned, but I doubt that there’ll be any changes/improvements to this node. The Table Editor is generally not the way we manipulate data in KNIME.

Can you tell us more about your use case? Maybe we can find a way to solve your task with different nodes. :slight_smile:

No specific use case yet, but I am exploring options for entering and modifying data via the web portal, as this would help to complete the package of solutions that KNIME can provide. For some clients who use KNIME to upload, review and modify their data, it would make sense to use it to assist the data entry process as well. In the absence of a dedicated web form service, the solution often ends up being Excel.

I know it is possible to set up a web form interface using widgets, and to simulate an almost-live table view with the refresh button, but sometimes it makes more sense to enter data directly into a table. For this purpose the Table Editor is not bad, but it would be much better with more flexible dropdowns.

If there is another way to enter data via the web portal, I’d love to know about it!

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I only have KNIME AP so I use the configuration nodes to, well, configure my workflows. As far as I’m aware, every configuration node has a corresponding widget node for use in interactive dashboards. With those widgets one can make a dashboard that serves the purpose of a web form. Since AP version 4.5 they have a new re-execution feature, so the views don’t have to be refreshed or closed/opened anymore.

For entering actual data, the Table Editor is not a good choice. Uploading Excel files definitely seems to be more sensible.

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Only certain widgets have the auto-re-execution feature, and they don’t include the String Widget or Autocomplete view, which are the main ones I need in a form.

Excel is fine unless you want something that is more controllable and more integrated into the rest of the pipeline. The Table Editor (especially in combination with the ‘Add Empty Rows’ node) comes very close to meeting that need; it just lacks the auto-complete or ‘fuzzy’ dropdown functionality.


I totally agree with you @AngusVeitch1 . The table editor has a lot of potential to be a core element for a basic frontend application. Do you know if it is possible to provide predefined values for a dropdown to one column? Currently, if I select the dropdown option, I just see values from the columns’ domain. It would be awesome if I could predefine dropdown values, as in Excel. And also enter arbitrary values, as you mentioned.

Furthermore, rather directed towards the KNIME developers, it would be great to be able to not only lock columns from editing, but also rows. Also, designing a table is very difficult with CSS. It would be helpful to work here with for example the color manager. Just some initial thoughts from working the first time with the table editor node.

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Hi @Residentstiefel. Yes, the ability to define a custom range of permitted values beyond the column domains would be awesome, but I don’t think that is possible at the moment. And I agree that the Table Editor, with a few improvements, has the potential to play a much bigger role than it currently does!

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