Table Editor dropdown does not use the full domain

I saw an earlier post about the inability of expanding the Table Editor node’s dropdown menu beyond the domain of a column, and could not really understand what was the problem, because domain can always be edited to include all possible values and even additional, manually inserted values.

Dropdown ‘suggestions’ in Table Editor do not allow allow other values - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum

But I can now see what the writer meant. The Table Editor node doesn’t seem to utilise the full domain of the variable but only the range of values the table has at that point of the process. In my component I bring in the full domain using the Edit Nominal Domain (Dictionary) node and then add an ‘Other’ value in the Edit Nominal Domain node, but the dropdown is not acknowledging either of these additions, but is limited to the values present in the data.

I would agree that this is a key functionality to get right for Data Apps.



Hello @pzkor ,

thank you for your post. I have asked it internally and I can confirm that unfortunately this is a known issue. Table Editor currently recalculates the table spec before giving it into JavaScript. This means that it is not possible to use an Edit Nominal Domain node to change the options that are available in a column’s drop down in the Table Editor. There is already an open ticket for the fix [AP-18071], you can check in the changelog whether if it is implemented in the future releases or not.

Referring to the present issue instead of using the Edit Nominal Domain node, does anything change if you “reset” the domain using the Domain Calculator node?

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi Dora,

Thanks for your response. The Domain Calculator node unfortunately does not have an impact.

Fingers crossed that AP-18071 will be successfully closed soon!

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