edit the data list - write industry information with word comparison


It is to write the sector name in the sector column, if it is in the specified list, by comparing it according to the existing words in the words for each data record in a column containing data. I drew a simple table to explain what I was trying to do.

However, some data contains information that includes several sectors. I want to add the information of both sectors in the same sector column or a second column.

Could you create a sample workflow for me in this regard. The result is to make the data lines filterable by sectoral separation.

Hi there @umutcankurt,

you can try following. Split your column using Cell Splitter based on space char. Each new column compare to sector description and if match found replace it with sector name, if no match replace it with missing value. Then use Column Aggregator on all those columns with Set aggregation method to eliminate duplicates. Follow it with Split Collection Column node and add proper names to your columns.

Also you can look at this topic for more ideas and try to adopt workflow from it:



Hi; @ipazin

thanks for the answer. This approach has been enlightening for me.

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