Emulate Excel Compact Pivot format in Knime

Hi, I am new to Knime and I would like to get a pivot table but, in a format similar to compact pivot table of Excel. Is there any node or workaround that I could use to get a result like this:

Account A $219

Account a1 $224

Account a1.1 $104
Account a1.2 $120

Account a2 $-4

Account a2.1 $-2
Account a2.2 $-2

Hi there @knimecr
Pivoting node can’t do this and in general you can’t have Excel format in KNIME so to say. What is you goal? Export data to Excel file or have better readability in KNIME?
for better readability you can use table view .


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Hi, thank you. The idea is to create a report which was previously defined on that format.
I have most of the report ready in KNIME but, for finishing it I need to emulate that “compact excel pivot format”. Do you have a workflow or video in YT to learn how to use table view node?

Hi @knimecr,
you can generate Excel formatting from KNIME via the Continental Nodes for KNIME extension.
The desired formatting in your screenshot shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve that way.
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Tks, but sorry do you have any example to follow? I haven’t use Continental nodes before.

Hello @knimecr,

I’m not sure what are you trying to accomplish. Do you create reports in KNIME (using KNIME Reporting Extension) or you only prepare data which you write to Excel then or something else? You should try to give more details in order to get faster and on the spot help/advice/suggestion.

KNIME workflow examples you can search on KNIME Hub. For more about Continental nodes check out this link: https://www.knime.com/community/continental-nodes-for-knime but if you are not writing out your data to Excel then this is not what you are looking for.

Additionally there is From Excel to KNIME book free of charge with included chapter about Continental nodes: https://www.knime.com/knimepress/download-from-excel-to-knime

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Thank you, but I think I couldn’t explain myself. I am looking for a solution to create something like this called Compact Pivot Layout in Microsoft Excel http://www.simplifiedexcel.com/2017/11/change-pivot-table-report-layout/

Hello @knimecr,

currently Excel Reader (XLS) node can only write raw data into new sheet. With above mentioned Continental nodes you can then format your sheet. So pivot Excel tables can not be created from within KNIME. See here for some ideas/suggestions:


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