Encryption of a component or metanode on knime large server


I have to encrypt/lock a component such that the user of the workflow is not able to open this component. This feature is available in the knime large server as per the below link:

I am attaching the workflow, the screenshot and the sample data (in .xslx format). The data needs to be saved as .csv before reading in the workflow.

ComponentEncryption_Question.knwf (15.1 KB) outliers_component Outliers_sample.xlsx (9.4 KB)

I could not the find the option to encrypt it on the server or while researching the knime documentation. So, need help here!

For allowing this feature you need to set the following parameter in your knime.ini

Add the following line to your knime.ini “-Dknime.showaction.metanodelock=true” (restart KNIME Analytics Platform).

Afterwards please contact us via support@knime.com and we help you


Thanks Iris. I was able to enable the lock option for the component. Will be getting in touch with the support team for next steps.


I just set this up and tried to lock both a COMPONENT and a METANODE, but it doesn’t seem to accept the password. Do we need to contact KNIME once we try to lock a component - or should it just work without contacting KNIME? Also is it contact@knime.com or support@knime.com?



you need to request the HEX code from us. We can handle this via support@knime.com or you can contact your partner manager.

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