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Hi all,
I’m new to both Knime and association rule learning, so please forgive my very beginner question. I’m trying to bring a report sales dataset into knime (attached). It reads perfectly fine but when I try to connect it to the Association Rule Learner I get this error “Node created an empty data table.” :

I literally have done nothing else, so I’m pretty sure there must be some simple setting that I need to change. Or maybe the data pre-processing? Any help would be much appreciated.
My goal is to determine the combination of promotional items based on customer buying behavior.
KNIME_project6.knwf (1.1 KB)
ReportSales.xlsx (1.4 MB)

@trihanda welcome to the KNIME forum. I might take a look at the example later. First you will have to check the settings - most likely you will have to check the data preparation if it is suitable for your data.

Rule Induction with Weka Rule Nodes and Yacaree Associator

Then you will have to check the settings of the nodes:

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