Error in Extension - Google Analytics Connection

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I have been trying using Google Analytics extension to get my data from GA to my data base but it seems there is some error in Google Analytics Connection extension as only profile ID option is appearing rest are not coming.


Have you added Google analytics to the scope of the Google Authentication?

The other thing you need to ensure is that the service account has been added as a user to the Google analytics account/property you want access to. (add the service account in the same way you add a regular user)

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Google API authentication is working fine with me as well the problem with very next step in Google Analytics connection where we generally setup project name, profile name etc but I am not getting those option in connector except profile id

Did you add the service account id as a Google Analytics User (do this in google analytics - account - user management)?

If the service account is not a user, then you will not get the profile selection options in the google analytics connection.

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Here is nice topic about it:

And this one contains a lot of information (some are no more valid so take care):


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