Error when running in batch mode

Hi guys,
I’m getting an error when running a workflow via a Windows Scheduled task.

Node can't be executed - Node "RDKit Canon SMILES" not available from extension "RDKit KNIME integration" (provided by "NIBR"; plugin "org.rdkit.knime.nodes" is not installed)

Please note that the same .bat file which triggers the execution runs fine if invoked manually in the logged user session. Other worflows not using RDKit have been running smoothly for a long time.

Are there any limitation on the use of RDKit nodes?
Knime version is 3.5.1.

Hi Angelo!

Here was a similar topic only including different extension. Solution was to give knime.exe admin rights. Not sure it will work for you as well…


The issue seems to be solved after upgrading to 3.7.1.

Thanks anyway.

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Upgrading is also one way to try solving the problem! :slight_smile:

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