Error while converting Date column to String to Date & Time node

When i’m trying to convert date column using String to Date & Time node, it is giving me below error. Help me out!!
Data: Column i would like to convert
Time.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Thank you

Hi @janki656

You can put a String Manipulation node in between: replace($REQUEST_TIME$,“T” ,";" )
gr. Hans

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I’m not so sure that’s the problem - their error message states it failing on row #21 and that T exists (and is presumably parsed fine) in Rows 0-20. ?

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Hi @janki656,

Use this date format and it is solved:




Hi Hans,
I have tried it, T got removed from the date values but still not able to convert the string to Date&Time column

I have tried with String Replacer too, but no solution there!!

It works on my machine :wink: . But I suggest to use @armingrudd solution. I think it is nicer than mine.
gr. hans

Hi armingrudd,
Used this format while configuring String to Date&Time node, i’m facing same error!!

yes, that’s correct!!

Use exactly what I gave you please.

If it is working in yours, can u please share me the workflow. I will try with it!!
But, i think i’m doing it correct only:unamused:
No idea, why it is not working for me

22595-1-1.knwf (63.3 KB)

Worked for me, Thank you :blush:

KNIME_project2.knwf (24.8 KB)

Hi armingrudd,
Please help me with this topic
Plot issues with Columns and data

It would b helpful for me!!

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