Evaluate a Linear Regression model

What nodes are available in Knime to evaluate a Linear Regression model?

I’m interested in a node that would show:

  • Confusion Matrix
  • Confidence Level
  • MSE validation


Typically you would use the Scorer nodes. Then there are a few entries dealing with numeric targets, you might want to check them.

Regression models (numeric Target)

predict how many future visitors a restaurant will receive (with H2O.ai)

I tried the Scorer Node, it does not seem to provide Confusion Matrix or
Confidence Level.

Does anyone has any idea what node would provide this?

Would appreciate a direct answer as opposed to a barrage of articles and links…


Hi there!

Scorer node does provide a confusion matrix along with some accuracy statistics.

This is a community forum and members try to help the best they can. Someone does like barrage of articles and links…