Example of creating a node - links not present

From a random search I stumbled across this walk through example of how to create a new custom node: http://tech.knime.org/developer/example I've searched through the top level developer pages and can't find a link to it. This would be extremely useful to have; I'll also contact KNIME directly but I thought it might be useful to have the link here so others can have it immediately. Dave

Hi Dave, The KNIME shipped with so called “New Node Wizard” that allows the creation of new nodes very easily; for details see the New Node Wizard section within the developer documentation. Best, Thomas

Yes thank you - but that is an entirely different section from the example section. The example is a walkthrough of how to build the code for the new node. The New Node Wizard section (under Documentation) is a reference section (also very helpful!). The walkthrough, for me at least, helps me to understand the connections between the class much better.

I still find the documentation confusing… It seems KNIME doesn’t want people developing new nodes as the process seems too complex. I’m guessing it isn’t but the documentation isn’t great.

I would encourage someone reviewing the documentation to try and follow exactly what is in the docs to see if they can create a new node. With that exercise in mind I’m guessing the documentation would be more straight to the point and would decrease developer frustration…

we’re on it :slight_smile: Until then feel free to ask any further questions here in the forum.