excel reader 4.1 file connector port


I’m looking at the new Excel Reader node and was wondering what is the File Connection Port and how and what you pass into it? I must be missing something as I don’t find any nodes that can be linked to this input port.

Any ideas?

Hi @Willem,
the new Excel Reader/Writer and the Line Reader are the first nodes for the new file handling concept in KNIME, that we are currently working on It is supposed to simplify bulk reading, the usage of KNIME URLs and remote reading/writing.

The File Connection Port is an dynamic input port to connect to a remote file system.
You can add this optional port to the node if needed, by clicking on the three dots that you can see on the node.
Right now, there is only one connector in the Labs category the Amazon S3 Connector.
You can use the Amazon Authentication node, together with the new S3 Connector and connect it to the Excel Reader/Writer to read and write Excel files from/to Amazon S3.

We are happy to hear feedback to the new file handling, so let us know!
best regards Mareike


Hi Mareike,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve looked at the new Excel Reader and like the options to specify the file handling concept aspecially specifying the KNIME protocal to use from a dropdown box. I will look into the multiple file handling option as that is something I use a lot in the workflows I create.


Thanks, I’ve just been wondering about the same thing! :slight_smile:


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@Willem, I am trying to the Excel Writer node along with the AWS S3. But I when I click on Browse in Excel Writer node, I get the following error msg:

Could not list files in '/': Access Denied (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID 

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

I am using the Amazon Authentication node along with Amazon S3 Connections (Labs) to Excel Writer node.

@saqib, sorry but I haven’t had the the need to write to Amazon S3 yet. My guess would be to check that you do have permission to write to the bucket, maybe try and create a folder and then save into that folder. 403 error is normally permissions issues if I’m correct.


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