Excel Writer node not working with Sharepoint Online Connector - please help! :-)

Hi gurus,

I have a workflow in which I use SharePoint Online connector node to save files to a SharePoint site.

I can use the old Excel Writer XLS (deprecated) and Excel Sheet Appender (XLS) deprecated (these are no longer in the directory but I can copy them from an existing workflow and they work fine).

However, my workflow is complex with many loops and I’d rather it was ‘cleaner’ using the newer Excel Writer node (i.e. for writing and appending).

My issue is that despite having the Online Connector, Variables and Data connected to the Excel Writer node, I am unable to use a variable to specify the file path. As you can see in the screenshot below I can use a variable for the ‘sheet name’ but the variables are not available for the ‘file path’.

I’ve looked in the variable tab of the node and can see that the file_selection variable needs to be a ‘path’ rather than a string variable.

For the Deprecated writer, you were able to use a variable for the file name and the path of the Sharepoint was taken directly from the Sharepoint Online Connector.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case when using the new Excel Writer node - the path is not being picked up from the Sharepoint Online connector.

I’ve tried to convert the variable to a Path and then back to variable but as you can see below the path is identified as ‘LOCAL’ rather ‘CONNECTED’ as you would expect to see for SharePoint connection.

Please can anyone advise if I am missing something really obvious here or is this a bug? Do I need to change the structure of my workflow in some way to have it work correctly with the newer Writer node?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide - I’m pulling my hair out here.


It turns out i just had to ask the right question in the forum to find the answer :slight_smile:

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