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Hi everyone,

I am trying to scrape a job board ( this one: Suche nach Jobs | Accenture in Deutschland ).

This loads additional jobs by clicking on the bottom button that reads “Mehr Jobs anzeigen” (show more jobs)

The problem for me now is that the click node doesn’t seem to work. It failed with the message:

"ERROR Click Execute failed: unknown error: Element <button id="load-more" class="btn btn-primary btn-cta navigation-rotis-font show-all" type="button" style="">...</button> is not clickable at point (169, 980). Other element would receive the click: <p class="banner-content" id="alert-box-message">...</p>"

I dove into the source code of the page and found out that this button element triggers a jQuery event and does not have the classic HTML <a href> combination.

Any ideas how to execute this button click?

THANK YOU in advance! :smiley:

PS: I have extracted the number of total jobs already and found out how many additional jobs it loads with the click on the button. Have stored this in a flow var called no_of_iterations which drives a loop.


Use “Execute JavaScript” node with this short code:



That’s it @armingrudd

Thank you. Combined with some wait nodes, it extracts exactly all the entries that the header of the site indicates.

Perfect! :+1:

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