Help for Selenium Click Problem.

Selenium Clicking Problem occurs. I tried it in many different ways, but sometimes it works, sometimes I don’t understand why it gives errors.

can you give an idea or a solution in this regard?

The same workflow worked in the previous workflow.

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Hi Umut,

did you check these threads to see if they help?

– Philipp


Hi; Philipp Yes i examined all of them. But the odd thing is that the same workflow is just a few pages.

For example, page 1 works normally, and gives error to second page or third page. The page structures are the same as xpath or css but I don’t understand why it works in the other / others and I get the error.

Meanwhile, the employee may not work before. So it is not clear which one will be wrong. (Selenium).knwf (797.4 KB)

Hi Philipp;

I had the same problem on this eb page.

  • css tried, - xpath tried, - id tried
    The common problem in all of them is that it works when the first adjustment is made and the second time does not work.

  • tried single page transition and multi page transition.

Transitions on dynamic web pages (usually with a waiting period of a certain period of time) seem to be the issue of clicking right now.

But it would be better to reach a certain conclusion as an expert. If I am making a mistake, it will be very useful to learn the right method.

url :

XX_KNIME_Luxembourg_marches.public.lu_project (Selenium).knwf (144.8 KB)

Hi Umut,

are there any other elements obscuring the items (link, button) on which you want to click? If there’s something else “in front” of the elements which you want to click, then you typically see this error.

Also, what do you mean with “single page transition” and “multi page transition”?

– Philipp

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Hi Philipp; It may be as you mentioned that I will review the web pages again.

“single page transition” and “multi page transition”? - what I want to mention is a single page experiment and multiple page transitions.