Execute failed: Last batch index is 26040, but maximum batch index is 2277.

I tried to Do the following in a Python (labs) node and it works without a problem. you can also display the Table inside Python. But when I try to use it in Knime again the next Node always gives me:
Execute failed: Last batch index is 26040, but maximum batch index is 2277.

data= knio.input_tables[0].to_pandas()
def r1lookup(df):
    return r1

knio.output_tables[1] = knio.write_table(conbywer)

@TheRealUser welcome to the KNIME forum. Maybe you can share an example where this does happen.

Then you should check if it could be related to an index:

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Thanks for the Response. I tried resetting the index and generating new one out of numbered Strings. Sadly neither worked.

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Hi @TheRealUser,
sorry to hear that you’re running into such an error.

Could you provide us with a table with some dummy input data so we can reproduce the error? Does it already show up with a small table with a few rows only?

Resetting the index is a good idea, this would have to happen on the conbywer data frame right before passing it to knio.write_table.


I now tried around a bit, but can’t really find the problem. The only thing I found out that I have a few Data errors in my dataset with ID and r together not being unique. if I remove those the error dispersers. I tried to generate some artificial data with and without duplicates but it worked both times independent of size. I didn’t really know what the problem is at this point, but with the cleaned data it works. Thanks for the help anyway.

Thanks for the feedback @TheRealUser. I’m glad to hear that cleaning up the data resolved the error.

We’ll have a look whether we can reproduce the error and will try to add more useful error/warning messages so it becomes easier to pinpoint the problem in the future.


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