Export box plots?

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I’m new to Knime and posted to the Image.sc forum too. I am currently using Knime to produce box plots from a Fiji measurements table. What’s a good way to export them? I’ve tried “image to report” which didn’t work well, then I’ve tried “image writer” without success. Finally, my colleague recommended I switch to “Box Plot (local)”, which works but is not optimal.

Is there a convenient way to save all my box plots to a folder? Or, since I see a Google Sheet integration, is there a way to export to Google Slides?



Hello @Anjalie and Welcome to the KNIME community!

The Image Writer is the right node for that job, but the Box Plot (local) node doesn’t have an image output port (green box). Ideally, your workflow would look something like this:

Using a Box Plot node (the non-local version) instead of the R View should work the same way. Can you share your workflow with us? You can export it by right-clicking on it in the KNIME explorer, but make sure not to reveal any confidential data.

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@Anjalie from the Vernalis extension there is this nice notched boxplot

Sometimes it seems to be necessary to do this transformation from an image port in order to ge a PNG instead of an SVG (although it says otherwise):

An finally I can offer this Violin Plot experiemnt with the help of R (ggplot2) encapsualted into a KNIME component to make nice Plots:

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