Extract Text From Email

Hi Dear Knimers,
I am looking for a node in which I could give it my email address and its password so the node will access to my emails, and as an output it returns all the text in each email individually!
Is it even possible ?
thanks in advance

Hey @psfard,

What kind of email system are you trying to access? Are they EML files?


Hi @psfard,

not an expert on that topic, but I found something on the forum. Apparently, there’s currently no way to directly access your email server:

Here’re some links I found that might be useful:
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Hi @dash_brookhart,
I simply use yahoomail and I am thinking about a service (node) which could run manualy like every ten minutes to go throughs my emails, gets the new ones so I could do some text processing on them!

Thanks @Thyme yeah unfortunately it seems there isn’t yet any specific node for email minning on knime😢