Extracting data from text or PDF files that were created using a report writer and putting it in a database


Do you know if there is any extension out there that can take data from a report (i.e. the report was created using a report writer) and have it strip out the relevant text and save it to a database table? Let me give you an example. I have detailed information about customer transactions in 3 columns in the report:

             Name of Customer         Date               Amount
             Terry Smith                    Jan 2, 2020     $32.23
             Terry Smith                    Feb 23, 2020   $526.95

             Sally May                       Mar 10, 2020    $78.02
             Gordon Winks                Jun 13, 2020     $784.99
             Gordon Winks                Dec 2, 2019       $55.22

The data always starts at the same column positions in the report.

Is there any extension in KNIME where I can set up a template to strip the data from the input report and have the data place in 3 data columns: Name; data of transaction; amount.

There are commercial software packages that do this but I was wondering if KNIME could do it too.

Thanking you all in advance.

In the past, I’ve found some of the suggestions in this thread helpful for extracting data from PDF tables: Extract Tables from PDF

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